» AU where the SnK characters are actors and everyone screws up their lines (thank you otakutaco913 for the idea)
Eren: FIGHT! IF YOU WIN YOU LIVE....if you...live u loose? -fuck. line.
Hannes: YOU COULDN'T SAVE YOUR MOTHER BECAUSE YOU ARE WEAK AND IM A CROWD- wait what. fuck, its coward. ughhh.
Levi: Maybe his trying to take a shit but the shit *laughs* won't come out- im sorry, can we do that again?
Hange: CAN I TOUCH IT? YOU WILL LET ME TOUCH IT RIGHT? AHHH ITS HOOTT *very girly voice* eren let me touch it *bursts out laughing* im sorry guys, re-do?
Mikasa: His not my boyfriends-boyfriends? damn it!
Sasha: Are you asking why humans eat tomatoes? shit! POTATOES! I MEANT POTATOES! i hate this line.
Connie: HEY! WHAT DID YOU WIPE ON MY SHIRT?! HEY heeeeyyyy *winks at jean*
Erwin: *walls opening to go kill titans* FOORRR SPARTTAAAAA
Armin: People, who can’t throw something important away, can never hope to...to...damn it. line?